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Camber Custom Metalworks

Camber Custom Metalworks, est. 2007 initially as Camber Custom Tattoo Machines.

I now upcycle metal parts , mostly from vehicles, into useful items for the household.

There you are, I did say it was a "bit" of history. You don't want me droning on about everything I have done over the years.

I have 2 purpose built workshops, one of which was the subject of a 6 page feature article in a trade magazine, the other is brand new.

I now build what I consider to be useful items for the home / garage using mostly recycled metal things, engine parts, tools, stuff like that.

Check out the pages on here to see some of the bits I am making. I can also custom make stuff to your requirements, even using items you already own, maybe a fave old part or something laying about.

You could even come and do one of my courses, click on the link at the top and have a read up on them for more details.

I am going to try to keep on top of updating this site on a regular basis, so as items sell I will mark them as such. You can't buy directly from this site as I prefer to deal with people in a more personal manner. You can contact me via email, text message or phone although the number is my workshop phone and I don't always hear it so leave a message, I check it every day.

A bit of history....

Contact details are.....

07831  403131

or   jez@cambercustom.com

You are also welcome to pop down and browse through stuff or to discuss your ideas etc.

My workshops are on the South Coast at

Camber, East Sussex