Let me welcome you to

Larry's Vintage and

Camber Custom Tattoo Machines

The reason for the name is quite simple, I don't just make tattoo machines these days, in fact, I had a couple of years not making them at all as I was spending almost every bit of spare time in my workshops and decided that I needed a break to relax a bit.

I have continued on and off making various strange items like fire guards, garden burners, toilet roll holders and door knockers to name a few.

Hopefully one day I will be able to trade at a show to display , and hopefully sell some of the bits I make.

I actually custom make some wooden signs too, house signs stuff like that, it's fun and a bit of a change.

I love welding, MIG, TIG and MMA but no longer offer courses in this, prefering to concentrate on my own manufacturing.

I am in the process of re-instating my lathe , coil winding and engraving equipment and from around Easter time 2024 I will start manufacturing all the parts required for my tattoo machine builds but will not be scaling up production to any where close to previous levels as I will not be building stock for shows etc. Those were stressful times, I enjoyed almost all of the shows we traded at but towards the end, pre COVID, it got more and more tiring and expensive and that took its toll.

All builds will be on my facebook page and my youtube channel so you can follow me over there, Larry's Vintage on youtube and Jez Camber on Facebook but I don't add people I don't know on there so message me on the channel first.

Meanwhile, take care and stay safe. Pop on over to youtube and subscribe, it all helps, I don't make money on there at all as only a small channel but check it out as I have loads of machine building and tuning videos on there.