The Courses.

For many years I ran courses in my workshop so that tattoo artists could come and build a machine with me, They were very successfull and I had artists from around the world come to build with me. Really great fun. My workshop was the subject of a 6 page feature in a trade magazine and I was the only person in the world doing the courses with such depth having invested heavily in tooling and having been a qualified engineer and welder since the late 70's.

I love passing on knowledge and teaching people new stuff but also giving them the oppotunity to use tools and equipment they might otherwise not be able to, perhaps from lack of space or funds.

The day or half day sessions that I run are only ever one to one, it is the best way to do stuff.

Come and make something, bring bits with you for us to convert or cut up whatever. You will get to use a lathe, pillar drills, cutting equipment, engraving equipment but most of all I can teach you the basics of different styles of welding including MIG, TIG, MMA and oxy- propane brazing.

All you really need is the passion to want to make something, some common sense and some safety glasses.

The rest is down to me to get you through the day and teach you as much as possible in the time we have.

A typical full day would be 8 to 10 hours long, not fixed time but fixed price. If we go a little over I don't charge more.

If you know which end of a hammer is the business end then you'll be fine.

The courses are totally hands on, you don't just watch me doing stuff, you get to make something. I might show you how but ultimately you will be making your product.

As I have mentioned, I only do these on a one to one basis, you get full value that way and all of my time.

You can take notes, take photos etc along the way if it helps for the future

The courses are not cheap, please get in touch if genuinely interested and we'll take it from there.

contact me on

07831 403131


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Above is the 6 page feature article a trade magazine did on my workshop courses.

Hannah came and spent the entire long winter's day in my workshop with the magazine editor taking pics and asking questions etc etc.

Was a really fun day, although it was february and rather cold even with the heating on.

The article speaks volumes for what I do and I was proud to be part of it. I have also written and had published several other trade related articles and tutorials for other magazines over the years.