So, I started making handles a while back, it's not a totally original idea, well not all of them anyway, but some are, and it's the way I do it that makes the difference.  I make the spacers and the big washers, I don't just buy in a load of bit's from the hardware shop. I believe that makes the difference between a quality handmade product and something that has just been knocked up to take your money. . I try to use interesting bits, check out the photos, maybe you have something you think I could turn into a gate handle for you, or you could come and do one of my one to one courses and make it yourself, click the link at the top for more details.

Here is a matching pair of rear shocks, originally off a Yamaha FS1E moped from the 70's. I have sprayed them with 2 coats of matt black industrial paint, made the spacers and washers and the fittings are long enough for most gates or doors but can be longer if need be.

Why not come and make your own on a one to one course or I can even supply you with a kit to convert your own old shocks into handles.

All designs by Camber Custom Metalworks. Do not copy.

This is the handle on my own garage door. FS1E shock painted with gloss black industrial plasticote paint. I live by the sea so it has to withstand the salt air and sand etc. Pretty cool looking eh !

Here is the other shock from the FS1E yamaha that I used on my own door.

Unpainted, still in chrome with signs of age, yep, rust, that's right. It's from the 70's.

Will fit almost any thickness garage door or gate  up to about 2 inches but can be made to suit if need be.

Prices on handles vary due to amount of work, cost of shocks, paint, wleding etc. Please enquire if interested .

They start from £40 each with discounts on pairs.

Slightly bigger shock this one, but still nice and old and unpainted.

Real cool item, people always ask whenever they see the one on my garage door.

I am in the process of doing a pair from Harley sportster rear shocks, they're big and bold and really say something.

Not sure what though .

This pair of handles were a massive Gedore spanner which I cut in half. They are very different and big but will really set off a pair of gates or doors. sold as a pair only.

Real bargain here for £45 the pair.

Really cool pair of handles here , very compact , black rubber coated, these are actually tensioner units for engine belts on a huge V8 diesel articulated lorry unit. Great industrial look and not too heavy either. Comes with all the required fittings, spacers , washers etc ( 2 large washers for lower fittings not shown in photo )

First one of this idea, will do some pairs hopefully soon, Handle made using part of a camshaft from a 3500cc Rover V8, chunky and cool.

For more details get in touch.

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