A group or collection of different items, a mixture...... ( according to the dictionary )

So, this page is pretty much just that, lots of bits and pieces that I have made along the way. I hope you like some of the stuff. Maybe you have an idea for something but don't have the tooling ..... check out my courses, come and make it here with me. click the link above for more info.

Here we have a pair of Mini 1000 engine conrods welded to a stainless steel back plate pre drilled for 2 screws for wall fitting. These can be custom made to your needs with anything from just one conrod up to maybe 5, they get a bit heavy after that.

Very cool item, makes a statement.  £40 for this one.

Very different item here. This is a one off hand made door knocker.

This really is totally custom, no one else has anything like it.

Made using a V8 conrod and the end off a large spanner from the 50's.

I love this and will be designing some more soon.

This is drilled with two holes ready to fit to a wooden door and is £50

Sometimes I just make some really basic things, here is a small key holder for the wall, pre drilled and ready to fit, made from some hand forged steel and an old 50's spanner.  Just £20 for this nice piece.

All designs are my own and original. Please don't copy them, think of something yourself instead.

Was messing about with ideas when I made this one. It's a sort of key or dog lead holder or whatever you want it to be. It is a pair of new bosch spark plugs welded to a really nice piece of locally made damascus steel with a couple of hundred layers  from a knife blade maker. The photo doesn't do it any justice.

Pre drilled ready to fit, Asking £30 for this small piece

Let's do something with a couple of V8 pistons I thought. So I cleaned on ready for polishing and the other I made into a desk top piece using a bracket I made and an old Harley solid brass belt buckle. Turned out nice I thought. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say.

I have a variety of V8 pistons at different prices. Contact me for details.

I like to do bits and pieces of sheet metal work , I recently got inspired to make these side mounts for motorcycle number plates, with or without space for rear lights, plenty of choice on designs and sizes, I actually don't make the lights or electrics, I bought that bit in for show.

These are great to come and make yourself on a course for your own bike. Yeah ok, you could buy some cheap crud from China but why not be a bit different and make your own.

Get in touch or use the link at the top for more info. on the courses.

I decided to make an even bigger and heavier door knocker, this one is made using a conrod from an MGC engine and one end of an old 50's spanner. Real statement piece, for show or go.

07888  313131

So, as you may or may not know, I used to manufacture tattoo machine. All handmade here by me, no foreign bought in parts etc. All British.

Anyway, I have a few new old stock bits and pieces so figured I'd list some on here, The three above are all made from some sort of spanner. Used to love doing the one off stuff like this. Which is why I still hand make everything here myself in my two workshops.

This one above is really just a desk top statement piece. It's a two stroke yamaha cylinder head with half a camshaft from a 750cc kawasaki.

Pretty much just a fun piece for petrol heads.

I normally have a good range of USA vintage number plates, various ages but all metal embossed ones, no printed or plastic ones.

Here's just a few of what's available. Prices vary a little but around the £10 mark each  as an average. The small ones are just £5 each.

Get in touch, you are welcome to come over and browse through stuff too.

As you can see, I normally have a fair selection to choose from, currently over 200 in stock. Even have brand new one from the 60's still in the envelopes from the issuing authority in USA.

Rover V8 degreased and cleaned and part polished piston, drilled to hold incense sticks, great ash catcher and conversation piece.

Really old meter out of some military vehicle / aircraft, not sure.

I made a desktop mount for it, seemed a waste just having it tucked away doing nothing. Pretty cool item though.

These coat hangers can be done in many different sizes from one to five or even six conrods.

Brand new...... bottle openers. Fixed to a bit of old flooring here just for the photo but can screw into any wood or walls using rawl plugs etc. Basic 2 screw fitting.

Good old V8 pistons. Various sizes and ages available, cleaned and part polished and drilled for the incense stick, look great either way up, as an ornament or upside down holding the stick and catching the ash. Coolio.

Possibly the coolest door knocker on the planet, well, on my house at least......