The Paper Holders

I make a wide range of different paper roll holders, toilet roll, kitchen roll and workshop roll holders are all  available in various styles, as you can see from the pictures below I use internal engine parts, mainly con-rods as a base for these. They look super cool , they are upcycled, handmade here by myself in my workshops .

Check them out and if you see something you like then get in touch for more details. Prices do vary from piece to piece as it depends on the time taken for me to produce each part, how much welding, lathe work etc and don't forget, you are supporting a local business, that is important these days.

Toilet roll holder made using a con-rod from a Rover V8 engine. These can be mounted either way around with very easy fitting to any wall.

All designs by Camber Custom Metalworks. Do not copy.

Above is a couple of different holders for the big blue rolls of workshop paper that you can get. Hope you like them. Nice straight forward one using an old 60's spanner and parts I make on my lathe and on the right is another cool piece made using a V8 conrod. Prices vary on these acording to how much lathe work and welding involved but normally around the £50 mark as a guide price. Or come and make one on a course.

Another big old spanner based one, this time it's for good old toilet roll. Make a statement in your bathroom.

Plenty of different designs for toilet roll holders, couple more below, just depends what you prefer the look of. They are all pre drilled ready to fit. Can also be custom made to you needs ie. for two rolls at a time or a spare roll holder, I am in the process of producing that at time of writing so pics will be here soon.

Ha ha ha, check out this fine looking show piece. Makes a statement I reckon.

Made from an aftermarket engine casing cover from an old Harley, the shiny bit is actually only a resin based plastic with some of my lathe turned parts and hand forged holder, pretty cool . Give me a shout if interested.

Slightly smaller conrod with this one,

This rod is from a 600cc suzuki bandit

A little bit different I'm sure you'll agree, would look great in any toilet based on the fact that it is a toilet roll holder.

My own one in our loo, always gets commented on.

Just a few I did recently, contact me for prices on anything you like.

Toilet roll holder using a VW beetle conrod from the 60's.

This one is a kitchen roll holder, made using a really old spanner.